marcel aucoin

marcel aucoin

I have an extensive background in classical, jazz and popular music and am quite comfortable teaching any of those styles. My personal philosophy is that above all else playing piano should be enjoyable. For each person that can mean something different in terms of what they would like to learn, so I try to tailor lessons to the individual students’ needs and interests (including arranging music for them) while still providing them with the fundamentals of piano playing (reading music, proper technique).


"Marcel knows the heart of a child. Both Lauren and Andreas have thrived under and enjoyed his teaching for more than 7 years now."

- Guy Allen, parent



"Marcel has been teaching my son piano for the last five years. In 2007, I asked him to create a medley for my son to play at his bar mitzvah that included three songs. As I had hoped, Marcel was able to write the score for all three songs at a level that was appropriate for my son to play. As well, he created two different bridges between the three songs so that there was a transition from one to the other. I could not have been happier. The arrangement sounded fabulous and my son practiced diligently under Marcel's guidance..."

- Donna Goldenberg, parent


"Thank you for taking such an interest in the childrens' music education!"

Rachel Smith, parent


"You rock!"

Zoe Finegold, student