marcel aucoin

Weird Cocktail

by Marcel Aucoin

Released 2005
Released 2005
Quirky jazz trio with Equal parts Thelonious Monk, Maurice Ravel, and Nino Rota, with a dash of Lawrence Welk.
"Man, you can play..."

- Wynton Marsalis

"....simple but catchy tracks..." fragments of swing, bop, gospel, Latin and more....entertaining..."

- Geoff Chapman, The Toronto Star

"Marcel Aucoin's WEIRD COCKTAIL is a corkscrewed concoction that goes down easy, combining a searcher's sensibility with influences from the exotica end of the jazz spectrum and a vigorous sense of fun. Aucoin has one ear cocked to the experimental aspects of his genre while making the music accessible to anybody marinated in late-20th-century pop culture -- a more difficult trick to pull off, without succumbing to total cliche, than it seems."

- Carl Wilson, The Globe and Mail

" of Canada's best kept secrets..."

- Scott Marshall, saxophonist, composer, improviser